Whistleblower - They changed our view of UFOs, Aliens and Secrets
Whistleblower - They changed our view of UFOs, Aliens and Secrets

Whistleblower – They changed our view of UFOs, Aliens and Secrets

Whistleblower | Several sources inside the system have revealed that the extra-terrestrial equipment obtained by recovering the depleted UFO remains is tested in several ultra-secret bases, one of which is north of Las Vegas, in an area known as the Aria 51 ” Dreamland “. The way we work here is to operate on strictly secret compartments, so there are very few who understand the information as a whole.

In 1989 an engineer, Whistleblower Bob Lazar, revealed to the whole world, through TV station Klass, that he was engaged in Area 51, where he could investigate how to build UFOs. He said these ships do not use any conventional fuel known on Earth, but they are equipped with an antimatter reactor and powered by a chemical element that does not exist on the earth. He also said that it was possible to determine that ships produce their own gravitational fields to distort time and space and to reach the desired destinations. For longer distances, they seem to use stars as stargates, based on singularities in their centres, through which those wormholes can be opened in space-time.

Bob Lazar—First Man To Come Clean About Reverse-Engineering Alien Technology and Top-Secret Base S4 (Credit: KLAS)

All these disclosures were also published in OMNII magazine. According to the already common strategy, Whistleblower Bob Lazar’s discrediting in the mass media was vigorously pursued his information to lose credibility.

Whistleblowers who also said the truth

Another Whistleblower is a scientist who worked in Area 51 and wanted to do everything public was physicist Michael Wolf. His statements were much more detailed, which led to American agencies in charge of keeping secrets about aliens, violent attacks on his person. Wolf has a doctorate in neurology, biogenetics, theoretical physics, computer science and law. He survived a bomb attack in which his wife and child were killed, which motivated him and even more ambitiously to reveal to all humanity the truth about the alien presence on our planet. He revealed that LEDs, superconductivity and optical fibre technology are among the technologies discovered by research into the debris of alien craft. Dr Wolf also revealed that the Americans, using technologies from the extraterrestrial collaboration, have deployed the Aurora SR-33A spacecraft, tested at the Aria 51 military base.

This plane operates with liquid methane and has onboard an anti-gravity device, a weapon that uses electromagnetic pulse (which can even destroy the radars) and has the ability to reach even on the Moon.
Wolf said the US president does not have much knowledge about Area 51. Whistleblower Michael Wolf also reports that aliens cross the galaxy by manipulating the space-time continuum, attracting the destination to them. Time is reduced to zero, and acceleration is increased to infinity. Some UFOs behave like living organisms that can be divided and then rebuilt and responding to the mental orders given by their leader.

He added that it is not desirable to reveal free energy secrets because, if this were to be achieved, the multinational companies that are in fact leading the world would be abolished, losing their economic power. Another Whistleblower who made revelations about the ultra-sensitive location S4 of Area 51 (north of Las Vegas, Nevada) – and who were fairly well-publicized – is the doctor in microbiology, Dan Burisch. Here’s what we can read in a title extracted from a press release of April 22, 2004, broadcast in the US:

Doctor in microbiology, Dan Burisch

“The doctor in microbiology, Dan Burisch, who was held a prisoner in the famous Zone 51, who spoke publicly about certain secret operations and who even expressed his desire to file a public testimony, is about getting immunity and appearing in The face of Congress, as requested. “

Whistleblower Dr Burisch can also testify that he has seen some secret Stargates in service through which he can travel in time (both in the past and in the future). He argues that in particular this Freemasonic elite, which is currently leading the world, does not want the facts to be revealed, because in their view if the beneficial technologies that they keep secret and use only in the worse would reach everyone, they would soon lose power. “Elite” already possesses magnetic energy and other forms of free energy, but everything is kept secret. They have scientific data that would soon bring happiness to the whole earth, but they do not want to share them.

Energy is one of the means by which people can be mastered and controlled very easily. Another Whistleblower who made revelations about Government secrets is Gary McKinnon. The discovery made by the hacker who entered NASA’s databases is fabulous. Gary McKinnon said he found enough information that Americans would have a Secret Space Program run by the Navy.

Gary McKinnon arrives at Bow Street Magistrates Court in 2006 (credit: Reuters)

After 10 years of fighting in court for having accessed NASA’s computers, the hacker is talking about the findings he has made at the time. Gary McKinnon thinks he has found enough evidence to assert that the Americans have a Secret Space Program run by the Navy, that is, warships … in space.

According to metro.co.uk, all the details are reported in an ample interview with RichPlanet TV, known for its UFO programs: “We used a program called Landsearch to help us access all the tabs and folders.”

“There I found an Excel file called” Non-Terrestrial Officers “(the officers from outside the Earth).The file contained names and ranks, and material transfers were specified between ships, and the names of the spacecraft began with the US”

So the Whistleblower hacker is convinced that the United States has a Secret Space Program.


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