White Hole - Trough Wormhole from a Black Hole

White Hole – Trough Wormhole from a Black Hole | UNIVERSE

White Hole | According to Einstein’s equations for general relativity theory, singularities are created whenever matter in a particular region becomes too dense, as would happen in the ultra-dense heart of a black hole.

In a recent article published in Physics Letters B, University of Indiana, physicist Nikodem Poplawski presents new mathematical models of the spiral motion of matter that is swallowed in a black hole.
Its equations suggest that such wormholes are viable alternatives to space-time singularities, which Albert Einstein assumed to be the centre of black holes. Einstein’s theory suggests that singularities do not occupy space, are infinitely dense, and are infinitely hot – a concept backed up by numerous indirect, yet so bizarre proofs that many scientists are hardly accepting.

If Poplawski is right, no one will be bloody now. According to new equations, the black holes that absorb matter and apparently irreparably destroy it, cast it out into another form that becomes the basis for building new galaxies, stars, planets, and maybe, why not, another reality.

What is a white hole?

A white hole is a hypothetical feature of the universe and is believed to be a version opposite the black holes. Since a black hole leaves nothing to escape from them, white holes represent eruptions of matter and energy, and unlike black holes that draw things inside, they do not allow an object to enter inside them. Well, white holes might be a possible solution to the laws of general relativity. This law means that if there really are black holes in the Universe, then the white holes should exist. These are a kind of time reversal of black holes and are thought to have gravity, although a collision between them would be impossible.

In theory, if a spacecraft approached a white hole, then it would be flooded by a colossal amount of energy that would most likely destroy the ship. Even if the ship was gamma-ray, the light itself would slow down the ship. And even if the ship were built to be unaffected by energy, time and space would be rather strangely deformed around a white hole.

White Hole
What is a White Hole?

The proximity to such a hole would be similar to the case where we try to go upstream: the acceleration required to climb will become more and more while trying to move to the white hole. There simply is not enough energy in the Universe for something to get inside a white hole. According to a new revolutionary theory, a black hole is actually a tunnel between universes – a type of wormhole. Whether the black hole attracts or swallows in a collapse, at a single point called the singularity, as predicted, or rather “spits” through the other “white end,” the theory works.

 Are there any white holes?

Of course, this is quite counterintuitive. How could the energy from a white hole come from elsewhere than from the Universe? Because of this, their existence is unlikely. However, there are some theories that claim that white holes exist but are not described by general relativity. Since the white holes represent the competition of the black ones, the white ones are formed by a gravitational singularity. If the white holes are exactly the opposite of the black holes, with an unknown quantity of matter and information coming from them – this matter and information must come from somewhere.

White Hole
Black Hole, Wormhole, and White Hole.

The multiverse theory claims that our universe is not singular, but there is probably an infinite number of universes. All the universes would be similar in structure and composition, meaning that they would have black holes as well as white holes. If the naked holes absorb something that comes close to them in a universe, everything that it has acquired in a cosmos could be released into another cosmos. And this perspective would also explain the Big Bang. If a supernova occurs in another universe, and then black hole results, a white hole could have spawned our universe, with matter slipping from that universe to create ours.

White Hole
Nikodem Poplawski, Ph.D

Nikodem Poplawski, a theoretical physicist at New Haven University, wrote for InsideScience.org: “What did the Big Bang start? What is the source of the mysterious black energy that apparently causes the acceleration of the expansion
of the universe? “

The Polish physicist describes the black holes as the “furnace” of the universe. When this seed is put into the ground, and the black hole twists it at a speed close to that of light, the small seed becomes contorted and compressed until it suddenly explodes, giving birth to everything we know. Torsion gives, for this reason, the theoretical foundation for a scenario where the inside of each black hole becomes a new universe.


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